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Group drumming has been used for centuries to strengthen interpersonal relationships, relieve stress and boost energy. ADADC Director, Makha Diop’s home island of Goree is known for its long history of traditional dancing and drumming, which can be heard throughout the island. Djembe is a traditional West African drum
that has been played there for centuries, with techniques and rhythms passed down through generations. Players learn djembe in traditional drum circles also known as “djembe mbollos”.

With this rich background ADADC has created a drum circle program where participants will learn basic rhythms on a variety of traditional instruments. These rhythms will then be incorporated into interactive
games that aims to create a sense of teamwork, relieve stress and re-energize players – leaving participants feeling refreshed and uplifted. Drum circle sessions run for thirty minutes to one hour and can accommodate up to 50 participants.

These sessions can be tailored to suit individual needs. For more details and inquiries please feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to suit your needs!


  • Team Building

  • Improve Cooperation

  • Improve Focus

  • Improve listening skills

  • Improve team relations

  • Stress Relieve

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